Universities Churning Out The Most Billionaires
Universities Churning Out The Most Billionaires

The number of billionaire graduates from global universities and total wealth

When it comes to universities producing billionaires, no institution compares to Harvard.

According to Times Higher Education, Harvard counts 35 billionaires among its alumni with a combined fortune of $309 billion. It has three times as many billionaires as second placed Columbia University's 12. The top non-US university for super-rich students is Oxford and that comes 12th with 4 billionaires among its alumni.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are notable billionaires who dropped out of Harvard and among those who graduated, Michael Bloomberg is considered the wealthiest with a net worth of about $40 billion.

Columbia University comes second on the list with 12 billionaires who have a total wealth of $171.7 billion. Though it can't compete with Harvard in terms of the sheer number of super-rich alumni, Columbia University can boast the world's wealthiest graduate in Warren Buffet. The business magnate graduated with a master's degree in economics in 1951. Stanford University rounds off the top-three with 10 billionaires among its former students. Collectively, they have a net worth of just under $149.2 billion. The first non-American university to make the list is Oxford in the UK at number 12 with 4 billionaires among its alumni with a collective $28.4 billion fortune.


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"Universities Churning Out The Most Billionaires"