NFL 2017: Team Strength of Schedule Rankings
NFL 2017: Team Strength of Schedule Rankings

Leading the pack with the toughest regular season schedule in 2017 are the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. Here's the full Team Strength of Schedule Rankings rankings.


Team Strength of Schedule Rankings

Team Opponents' 2016 Pct. & Record Games vs
Playoff Teams
Games vs Teams
.500 Or Better
(Source: NFL)
Denver Broncos0.5781471072810
Kansas City Chiefs0.5761471081811
Los Angeles Chargers0.5681451101811
Oakland Raiders0.5641441111611
Buffalo Bills0.5611431121710
Miami Dolphins0.547140116059
Washington Redskins0.543138116279
New York Jets0.535137119079
New York Giants0.5351351174610
Dallas Cowboys0.5311341184710
Philadelphia Eagles0.5311341184710
New England Patriots0.527135121079
Atlanta Falcons0.521133122169
Tampa Bay Buccaneers0.518132123178
New Orleans Saints0.5101301251610
Carolina Panthers0.504129127069
Los Angeles Rams0.482121130559
Green Bay Packers0.4801221322610
Chicago Bears0.4791221331610
San Francisco 49ers0.475119132558
Cleveland Browns0.4691191352510
Detroit Lions0.469119135259
Arizona Cardinals0.4671181353610
Baltimore Ravens0.4611171372710
Houston Texans0.455115138349
Seattle Seahawks0.455115138358
Pittsburgh Steelers0.4531151392510
Minnesota Vikings0.453115139269
Cincinnati Bengals0.4491151410511
Tennessee Titans0.439111142369
Jacksonville Jaguars0.439111142349
Indianapolis Colts0.424107146348

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