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Texans, Police Look into Incident at Matt Schaub's Home

by Fitzgerald Cecilio

Houston, TX

The Houston Texans and the Houston Police Department are looking into reports that several fans approached quarterback Matt Schaub at this home and criticized him for his recent poor play.

The NFL's security department recently informed the Texans and the Houston Police that a vehicle pulled into Schaub's driveway and an unknown individual yelled obscenities Monday.

"This is a little unusual in that we don't normally have fans acting in this way, going to a player's residence, that sort of thing," NFL vice president of security Jeff Miller said.

"The police department is involved. We've been in contact with them as we normally would for anything like this. And because it's a team issue, they have a security director, we work with them," he added.

The Houston Police Department tweeted that a "suspicious male" was seen taking pictures in the driveway by a family member. The police said they were not called to Schaub's home.

Schaub is expected to address the media Wednesday afternoon.

Schaub remains the starter for Sunday's home game against the St. Louis Rams despite throwing an interception returned for a touchdown in an NFL-record four straight games.

Coach Gary Kubiak removed Schaub from Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers at the end of the third quarter with the Texans down 24-3 -- allowing third-year quarterback T.J. Yates to finish Houston's second prime-time game of the season.

"I think it was time for [Yates] to get some reps," Kubiak said. "Obviously, Matt took some hits and made some mistakes."

"And I just told him I was going to put T.J. in the game and we're going to go from there and talk about it after the game or throughout the course of the week and see where we're at," Kubiak added.

Schaub completed 19 of 35 passes for 173 yards and three interceptions before leaving the game.


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"Texans, Police Look into Incident at Matt Schaub's Home "




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