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  • Producing feed for 500 million pigs is no mean feat and China's agricultural sector is already operating at its limits. As a result China has been forced to look abroad for its animal feed, in particular for soya beans

  • Government policies and spending primarily support industrialized agriculture and the giant farms and corporations that profit from it

  • You may wonder why President Barack Obama is so intent on passing a free-trade agreement with Colombia. One answer is simple enough: Big Agriculture

  • The Department of Agriculture no longer serves as a lifeline to millions of struggling homestead farmers. Instead, it is a vast, self-perpetuating postmodern bureaucracy with an amorphous budget of some $130 billion -- a sum far greater than the nation's net farm income this year

  • Does the American taxpayer have a right to know just who's feeding at the public trough? Not according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (and Secret Subsidies). The department has just announced it's going to stop revealing the names of just who gets all those generous checks compliments of the rest of us