Do You Take This Smartphone for Better or Worse?

I tepidly approached the empty stool next to her. 'Excuse me,' I said, my gaze traveling from her eyes downward. 'Not interested pal,' she replied curtly. 'May I just touch it for a moment? Better yet, can I hold it?'

The Death of Depth

Technology now makes it possible for people to live out their delusions in all their grandeur. Looking like you're great has replaced true greatness. And what's most concerning is that there are increasingly fewer people who can tell the difference

Facebook 'Unfriending' Triggers Real-life Consequences

Facebook users who decide to unfriend someone may trigger a series of real-life consequences which reach beyond cyberspace, according to a new study

Facebook Fasting

Spending time on Facebook is a social event. But what if you need a break? What if you're just tired of your friends; can you take a break and come back a few weeks later? That's the question researchers explored in their recent study

Here's Some Information You Don't Need

The central problem with the Information Age is ... information. Or, to put it another way ...

The Sad, Pathetic Personality of a Computer Hacker

My 79-year-old father looked at me through tears of frustration, staring at his PC. In just 24 hours, he had been shunned by dozens of people who, up until now, he thought were his friends

Woman Puts Husband Up For Sale on Craigslist

A Utah woman put her video game-obsessed hubby up for sale on Craigslist

4 Ways to Protect Your Kids Online

New research shows the increasing dangers kids face online. Here's how you can help

Are Kids Too Wired?

In an effort to keep up with my tech-savvy patients and their parents, I read a study from a well-known software maker that confirmed something we all know: Our kids are extremely wired

One Thing Steve Jobs Couldn't Change: Our Mortality

No doubt Steve Jobs had an impact on the world. The man who shaped Apple into the most influential company of our time also changed global technology forever. On the other hand, Steve Jobs is a harsh yet humbling reminder that we can never overpower our mortality

The Mob That New Technology Has Made

One touch of a button. One group e-mail. One Facebook post. And boom! Everyone knows everything. Or everyone is in one place. The ability to rally followers with a single post has shown its dark side, with the recent events in London and other places

Power of the iMob

Protesting used to mean turning up on cold, rainy days with a badly-made placard and hoping others would be there too

Are You a Tech Geek?

You'd rightly bristle at being called a nerd, but these days it's practically chic to be labeled a geek. Take this quick quiz to see whether you can count yourself among the few

Should You Talk Politics Online?

Absolutely! But be sure you're doing it right. Our expert blogger shows you how

Should You Let Your Teens Blog?

Everyone seems to have a blog these days. Should your teens join the blogosphere too?

4 Strategies to Avert Virtual Arguments

It seems pretty obvious that when things get ugly, you should pick up the phone or try to sort out a virtual argument in person. But today, many relationships exist mainly online. So what do you do when a Web-based conversation starts to spiral out of control? Use these tips, which I live by

Cloud Computing 101: Protect Yourself Online

The cloud's features we love most also leave our families vulnerable, but you can use the cloud without compromising your privacy.

Russia: The No. 1 Base of Global Internet Attacks

Russia currently holds the dubious distinction of being the world's top source of Internet attack traffic. Russian-based IP accounts drive 10 percent of attacks, most of which target port 445.

The Pirate Bay to Fly 'Server Drones' to Avoid Law Enforcement

One of the world's largest BitTorrent sites is going to put servers on GPS-controlled aircraft drones in order to evade authorities who are looking to shut the site down

Youth on the Web: Reason? Who Needs a Reason

A recent Pew Research Center project revealed that on any given day, more than half of Americans aged 18 to 29 go on the Internet for 'no particular reason'

Is Your Teen Sexting?

As a parent, you have the right to know what your teens are doing with their smartphones or laptops. Here's what you can do if you think your teen is sexting

New Gadgets Straight From the Big Screen

From wireless communicators to personal satellite tracking, the super-tech stuff we saw on the big and small screens are now largely a part of our everyday lives. Here's a run-down of just a few that have gone from outrageous to obvious, and from 'No way!' to everyday technology

Is There an App for That?

So, the new iPad's finally available. I'm aware of this because I saw someone using one yesterday . . . while merging into six lanes of traffic. My first thought was, 'Cool!' followed immediately by, 'Hey, wait -- when did driving stop being dangerous?'

Fresh Coinages From the Furnace of E-Culture

For the second year, Cramer-Krasselt has published its Cultural Dictionary of the zeitgeist-iest words and phrases, pulling together the slang, puns, put-downs and freshly minted coinages from the white-hot furnace of electronic culture. It's pretty hilarious.

The iPhone and I

Well, it was nice knowing my family, but now I've got an iPhone. For the uninitiated, the iPhone is the cell phone + iPod + organizer + portable game console + friend when you're at a party and no one is talking to you and you've already peeled off the label on your beer.



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