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  • Suddenly we all know Sandy -- the superstorm that whacked New York City -- left many people dead across the East Coast, knocked out power to millions and caused billions worth of property damage

  • Are there no limits on government's power, no place where it cannot go?

  • New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg failed to satisfy critics with his defense of how he had explained former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith's sudden departure

  • My take is that the decision to stay outside of a city center rests on how you might answer several main questions

  • Alec Baldwin says he's going back to school. After announcing his interest in running for New York mayor in 2013, the 53-year-old actor said Monday he first wants to enroll in a master's program in politics and government in order to better understand the post

  • The New York Public Library has gotten into the porn business. 'With adults, anything that you can get on the Internet, you can legally get on a computer in the library,' explained an official. 'It's difficult, but we err on the side of free and open access.' I'm hardly an anti-porn crusader, but the list of reasons why libraries didn't -- and shouldn't -- carry porn is vast

  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a past master of lecturing about the cosmic while sometimes ignoring the more concrete. Governing the boroughs of an often-chaotic New York City is nearly impossible. Pontificating on the evils of smoking, fatty foods and supposed anti-Muslim bigotry was not only far easier but had established the mayor as a national figure