Red, White and Blue Corn Chip Bites Recipe
Red, White and Blue Corn Chip Bites

by EatingWell

Blue corn tortilla chips make this Mexican-style red-white-and-blue appetizer pretty, but any variety will work. Look for cotija cheese, a type of aged Mexican cheese, near other specialty cheeses or in Mexican grocery stores. You may also find it labeled "queso añejo" or "queso añejado." Finely crumbled Parmesan cheese can be used as a substitute.

Red, White and Blue Corn Chip Bites Recipe

Yield: 2 dozen (serves 2)

Total prep time: 10 minutes

3/4 cup fresh salsa

24 blue corn tortilla chips

1/4 cup finely crumbled cotija cheese

Drain any excess liquid from salsa. Top chips with the salsa and sprinkle each with cheese. Serve immediately.

Recipe Nutrition:

Per serving: 10 calories; 0 g fat (0 g sat, 0 g mono); 0 mg cholesterol; 2 g carbohydrate; 0 g added sugars; 0 g protein; 0 g fiber; 69 mg sodium; 23 mg potassium.

0 carbohydrate servings

Red, White and Blue Corn Chip Bites Recipe, Mexican Cuisine

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"Red, White and Blue Corn Chip Bites"


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