Wholesome Desserts Made Possible Recipe
Wholesome Desserts Made Possible Recipe

by Jessica Remitz

A few years ago, it may have seemed unfathomable not to finish dinner with a sweet treat.

But then you may have noticed that those bowls of ice cream or late-night snacks started taking a toll on your weight.

Don't give up on dessert just yet!

It's possible to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the calorie bank. The key is portion control. "The most important part of choosing a healthy dessert is being mindful of your serving size," says registered dietitian Debi Zvi. Keep an eye on how much you eat -- even good-for-you snacks can add up.

Armed with a bit of knowledge and some creativity, you can enjoy a healthy portion of nightly dessert without the empty calories or high-sugar additives.

Here are four options to consider as part of your well-balanced diet, courtesy of Zvi:

Baked goods

Instead of picking up a ready-made cake or that box of cookies from the store, whip it up at home instead. This way, you can control what goes into the recipe.

Zvi recommends swapping out butter for Greek yogurt, and using pureed fruit in place of sugar to boost the health and satiety value of treats like oatmeal cookies or carrot cake. For an extra crunch (and added fiber), consider topping your baked goods with Kellogg's All-Bran Bran Buds.

Ice pops

Create homemade popsicles with low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt, fruit, fresh mint, chia seeds and a dash of honey.

In addition to a refreshing, naturally sweet dessert, you'll get more of the good stuff: vitamins and minerals from the fruit and herbs, and omega-3 fatty acids, protein and heart-helping fiber from the chia seeds.


Make dinner party desserts healthy with homemade fondue.

Dip low-sugar fruit, like strawberries, into high-quality dark chocolate for a decadent dessert with antioxidant benefits, suggests Zvi.


Control the amount of fat and sugar in your dessert by air-popping your own kernels or cooking them on the stovetop.

Then, jazz things up with healthy add-ins (e.g., a handful of cereal, or garlic and chili powder). If you're short on time, opt for portion-controlled microwave popcorn.

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