Best Apps for the Savvy Traveler
Best Apps for the Savvy Traveler

by Stuart Goldstein

Vacations create some of the best memories with family and friends. Planning your holiday budget in advance will help you shape the experiences that everyone will remember fondly, without worrying about breaking the bank. By using the right apps and websites, you can plan an affordable trip to make the most of your excursion. Here are the top three must-have apps for saving money on your next vacation.


If you want to find the best deals on airfare, hotels and rental cars, look no further than Hipmunk. It is an easy and fast way to save money because it does all the work for you and saves time by comparing the prices of different airlines and telling you about the best deals. In addition to airfare, it also compares Amtrak train prices. You can use Hipmunk on the go or at home, because it is both an app and a website. There are even exclusive “mobile only” deals that can help you save even more.


If airfare isn’t in the plan for your travel and you are taking your car for a road trip instead, be sure to download the app GasBuddy. It takes the guesswork out of trying to find where the cheapest gas is and tells you exactly where the best place to go is. Just plug in your location and it will scan up to five miles away, taking into account all gas stations and which are the most cost-efficient. You can even choose what type of gas or diesel you fill your car with and it will include that in its search. Thanks to GasBuddy, you’ll feel better knowing you got the best deal to fill up your tank.


When you are on vacation, chances are you will be eating out for almost every meal, which can be very expensive. Downloading the Groupon app in advance of your trip allows you to search and purchase discount packages for local restaurants, events, activities, destinations, airfare and accommodations. You can save anywhere from 15-50% on your meals on your average by making reservations from the app. This app is a one-stop shop for planning and saving on nearly every aspect of your travels. Groupon is not just an app, it’s also a resource tool in any of the 28 countries it covers.

Hotel Tonight

Looking for great deals on last minute hotel arrangements? Be sure to download Hotel Tonight. This is an app that offers discounted hotel rooms up to seven days in advance for stays that last up to five days. It finds all the vacancies in hotels close to you and rounds up the best prices out of the group.

Relay Ride

Many destination car rental companies change exorbitant amounts of money for a rental car that you may only use to travel to and from the airport with. Relay Ride allows you to rent a car from a third party for as little as $20 or $30 a day instead of through a rental company. You can even choose the exact car that you want without it costing as much as it would through companies like Alamo or National.

Saving money on vacation is easier than you think with the right tech tools found on your smartphone or computer. Whether you’re flying across the country, driving down the coast, or figuring it out as you go, these apps can save you hundreds of dollars on your vacation. 

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