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  • General Motors reported a second-quarter profit that more than doubled from last year, reflecting strong retail sales in the U.S., record sales in China. General Motors also beat the estimated earnings per share by 34 cents.

  • In 1911, if you asked Billy Durant -- the prototypical American promoter/businessman -- if Chevrolet Motor Company would sell 180 million vehicles by 2011, he probably would have said, 'Damn right it will.' That was just the kind of guy William C. Durant was. Durant co-founded Chevrolet with race driver Louis Chevrolet on Nov. 3, 1911

  • General Motors announced that it has entered into a joint venture with a Chinese automaker to develop electric cars. The deal also involves transfer of battery and other electric vehicle technology

  • General Motors announced that it will manufacture a plug-in hybrid Cadillac. The new environment-friendly model would use technology similar to GM's Chevrolet Volt

  • Despite disclaimers from President Obama that the government doesn't want to be in the car business, it is hard to see what it has bought with our tax dollars other than two of what used to be known as "the big three."

  • I wonder what my father would have thought of the self-destruction of General Motors. We were a General Motors family, but not a happy one. We always (but once) had Chevrolets.

  • Not everyone supported the Senate's passage of a bill that boosted "cash for clunkers" by $2 billion, effectively extending it through Labor Day. But it's hard to argue that the program, which gives rebates to people who trade in old cars for more fuel-efficient vehicles, hasn't made the auto industry happy. That's true for General Motors ...

  • The once-unthinkable outcome of General Motors declaring bankruptcy, with Uncle Sam frantically pouring huge financial transfusions into the dying patient, became a reality the other day as Uncle Sam took majority control of its management and risk.

  • The Chevrolet Volt may or may not be an electric car, depending upon whom you ask. But it certainly became a lightning rod of controversy during this past election season

  • By filing the paperwork for an initial public offering, GM signaled it is ready to shake off its pejorative recent nickname, Government Motors. Experts say the stock sale could come as early as October or November, a potential plus for the Obama administration just ahead of midterm elections

  • The world of auto financing will soon lose an iconic name. Ally Financial Inc. has announced that it will rebrand its GMAC consumer and dealer-related auto finance operations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and begin using the Ally name.