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  • U.S. chipmaker Intel is Israel's biggest private sector employer and top exporter

  • Because of the volatility and instability often associated with less-mature foreign financial markets as well as potentially undependable and non-standardized financial reporting, investing in stocks through foreign exchanges turns off many U.S. investors. Another option is investing in U.S. companies that rely on exports -- to Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere -- to boost their bottom lines

  • Recently, I was featured in a prominent publication in an article about PC gaming. What I'm reminded of is how easy it is to be taken out of context -- for right or wrong. The article was well-written and I stand by most of what I'm quoted as saying. A few things, however, were lost in translation

  • We sat down with Orion Granatir, a senior software engineer for Intel's Visual Computing Software division. Granatir gave us his thoughts on the state of the industry and told us why he's excited to be working with games today