The Leisure Goods Industry is part of the Consumer Discretionary Sector includes manufacturers of leisure products and equipment including sports equipment, bicycles and toys.

Leisure and sporting activities are gaining an increasingly prominent position in the social landscape and are recognized as an important lifestyle choice. Worldwide, employees needing to unwind outside of work are trying out an ever-growing range of hobbies, while more importance is being placed on adult, as well as child participation in physical and leisurely activities.

There are various store types consumers can visit, should they wish to partake in some of these activities. Hobby stores sell recreational items to consumers, such as collectibles, instruments, and video games, while sports product outlets provide shoppers with sporting and fitness equipment, as well as apparel for exercise purposes. Lastly, pet stores provide consumers with everything they need to take care of the animals they love and live with.

Leisure Goods Industry companies include Nike, Mattel, Adidas, American Outdoor Brands, Brunswick Corporation, Callaway Golf Company and Hasbro.